What is Soul Styling?

I like to say that Soul Styling is all about clothing your authentic Self, the way Spirit is seeking to express Itself through and as you.  

​When we're dressing in alignment with our authentic Self, people have complete access to us. They see who we truly are because there's nothing blocking or creating static.  When we allow our authentic Self to truly show up, we're more natural, relaxed and dynamic.  As a result, people trust us more and even greater results manifest whether it be in our business or personal relationships.

Soul Styling emerges from the studies of great philosophers and mystics like Johann VonGeothe (1749-1832), Carl Jung (1875-1961) and Johannes Itten (1888-1967) and is on the evolutionary growing edge of connecting a mystical perspective of authentic spirituality with the understanding of the dynamic nature of color, shape and line and how the two together create a portal to greater expression.

What we wear either is a reflection of who we truly are or it acts like a costume creating a barrier between us and truly authentic relationship, whether with our Self or with others.  It's simultaneously a deep dive to embodying a greater sense of self and personal expression while being inspiring and fun too!

"According to Plotinus, the great Greek philosopher, 'Beauty arises in form when it corresponds in likeness to the Divine idea from which it arose.'" - Dorje Jinpa

What does a Soul Styling appointment look like?

A Soul Styling appointment is two parts.  First, you're introduced to the deeper meaning of what Soul Stying is, the way it works and how to use it.​  We show you examples of people when they're in their "element" and when they're not. You'll see examples of different color energies, style lines, fabric densities and how they all build to either align with your authentic self or not.

Part two is about actually figuring out what your "element" is.  We put you in front of the lights and begin the process of determining what combination your authentic self shows up to dazzle us with.  

Come play with us and meet your authentic beauty that's waiting to emerge in a most magnificent way!​

Welcome to Soul Styling!

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