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The moment I began my first session with Kirby, I felt a deep and truly powerful shift. Over the course of our sessions, I was able to move through my blocks.”

- Rhonda

Signature Session Information

The most important thing for me in our sessions is that you feel safe!  Confidence and trust are key and I strive to create an atmosphere that evokes this and one of peace and acceptance for you.  Every session is confidential.

Our Signature Sessions blend Spiritual Counseling and Reiki and can include guided meditations as well.  If you choose the Signature Healing Session, our time together is about 2 hours. I begin with an evocation to center us in sacred space.  We then begin the spiritual counseling session where we discuss what is happening for you in your experience that you’d like to shift and transform, or what you’d like to celebrate and anchor more deeply in.  You will receive intuitive guidance and receive tools to help you in your practice.  At the end of this part of the session, I’ll end with affirmative prayer to anchor you in the qualities of what emerged for you. Visit the counseling page for more information.

After a short break, you’ll then get on the Reiki table.  I will guide you in a short breathing meditation to keep your mind busy if it starts chattering.  If this happens, you’ll simply go back to the breath and the visualization of the meditation.

The Reiki Session is a series of above-the-body and hands-on work.  I begin with the above-the-body work and then move into the hands-on, which is a series of positions along the body beginning at the head moving down to the feet.  The time on the table is about 40 minutes.  Visit the Reiki page for more information.

After Reiki, we’ll discuss your experience and I’ll answer any questions you may have.  I’ll also discuss with you any observations or recommendations that emerged in my awareness during the session. 

Reiki only or Counseling only sessions are also available.

​Live out of the area?  No Problem!  Distant sessions are also available!