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“Working with Kirby was a very empowering experience.  She creates a very safe environment for one to be vulnerable and authentic, inviting spiritual growth, transformation and clarity.  I really felt heard."


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Heart To Heart Healing Arts Spiritual  Counseling

Working with a Spiritual Practitioner is similar to working with many types of therapists except that spiritual practitioners are applying spiritual principle. We begin with the idea that the client is already whole, and our work is to assist them in revealing that wholeness.

A counseling session typically lasts approximately one hour, and can take place in person or by phone. Each session begins with prayer and ends with an Affirmative Prayer Treatment. In this field of prayer, the client is assisted in realizing the spiritual truth about their life, thus releasing false beliefs.

The Practitioner holds the confidence of clients sacred and inviolate. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone, except where the practitioner is legally bound to report specific events.

Spiritual counseling is a unique and profound healing experience that is beneficial for everyone who desires a deeper connection to Life, Love, Joy and Personal Empowerment .

We welcome you!


Agape Spiritual Principles and Practices